Friday 28 January 2011

Sainsbury Listens

Over the past few weeks the residents of Fawley Road and Bennett Court have waged a vociferous campaign with Sainsbury about their proposed store on West End Lane. The residents were concerned about noise and vibrations during the building work as well as the siting of plant and machinery, security of the building and deliveries.

Two site meetings were arranged with Sainsbury management and contractors and with local residents, supported by Councillor Risso-Gill, to listen to their concerns. Sainsbury have now completely revised their plans for installing equipment and have also committed to providing additional security measures to the building. They have also assured residents that there will only be one main delivery per day using the smallest van in the fleet, supplemented by two supplier deliveries in small vans that will hopefully not contribute to the traffic problems caused by Tesco. The residents are now satisfied that their concerns have been addressed as far as Sainsbury are able to do within the technical constraints required by Camden Council. They will however be monitoring noise levels any disturbance once the store opens.

Sainsbury plan the store will open around 25th February, subject to planning consent by Camden Council for the revised plans.

Thank you Sainsbury for listening to us.

Monday 24 January 2011


Following the successof the West Hampstead Community Christmas Market held on Saturday 11th December on West End Green, there has been much local enthusiasm for more markets in West Hampstead.

From a standing start at the beginning of November, the Christmas Market was organised by a local group of stalwart volunteeers and supported by Camden Council and sponsors Alexanders Estate Agents. There were 22 stalls selling a range of festive fare including food, chocolates, cushions, bags, clothes, flowers and pottery. The event was undoubtedly helped by bright sunny weather (thank goodness we didn't choose the following weekend with the snow!).

The stallholders have been surveyed and all the respondents said the market exceeded their expectations and they would be keen to participate in future events. A regular Farmers' Market, an Antiques and Craft Market have been suggested.

A steering group of local enthusiasts are currently exploring the viability of holding such events during the year. If you would like to join in or have views on the proposal, please register your interest at