Friday 16 August 2013

Thames Water Sewer Works in West End Lane

We've been chasing Thames Water and Camden to find out when we can expect the sewer repair works in West End Lane to finish.  The works mean we have a temporary one-way system and have only not caused greater disruption because it's the summer holiday period and traffic is lighter than usual.

Here is the latest from Thames Water and Camden - we haven't tried to translate it into English but the good news is that the estimated completion date is now next Wednesday, 21 August.

Thames Water have come across some major difficulties with reparing this collapse sewer, and it now seems that they have found the defective pipe and works can now be completed by the date given below.

Many thanks to Jack Holroyde at Cycle Surgery for the photo.

Here's the combined message from Thames Water and Camden:

Just to confirm:

•    We have located the defective pipe.
•    CCTV and Jeter on site to confirm if any further works required.
•    If no further works required damaged section to be replaced today
•    Heading will be packed by End of Play Saturday
•    Shaft backfilled by Monday
•    Road concreted Tuesday with Rapid hardener
•    Road Reinstated by Wednesday evening and site cleared.

The lateral connection has had to be completely replaced and it was initially hoped that it would only require a section repair however it transpires that a full length replace is needed. The revised estimated completion date is now 21 August 2013.

We do appreciate that these works are causing a level of disruption however we will continue to work with Thames Water in order to get the highway back to full use as soon as possible.

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Residents Able to Pay for Council Services at Post Offices

From 5th August, 2013, Camden residents will be able to pay for Council Services at their local Post office. Services that can be paid for at the Post Office include:

Council Tax, Housing Rents, Business Rates, Leaseholder Services, Housing Services, Commercial Rents, Sundry Invoices, Commercial Waste, Nursery Fees, Street Trading and Licensing, Allotments and Building Control. 

Services can be paid for by Cash, Cheque or Debit Card free of charge.  Residents can also pay by Cash at any shop displaying the PayPal sign.

Post Offices where these services are available include West Hampstead on West End Lane, Swiss Cottage on Finchley Road and on Mill Lane all of which are open on weekdays and Saturday morning.

Council Services can also be paid for on line at, by phone on 0207 974 6104 and by Direct Debit.

From the Autumn 2013, the Cash Office at the Town Hall in Judd Street will close.

Posters and leaflets on these new services will be available in Libraries and Post Offices across the Borough.

PS:  It was announced last week that approval was given for the West Hampstead Post Office to relocate to St. James Church on Sherriff Road in Spring 2014