Thursday 13 December 2012

Legible London Comes to West Hampstead

Residents may have noticed the installation of Legible London panels along West End Lane.  The panels, installed by TfL, provide maps and directions to landmarks and streets within the local area.  There are currently 5 boards on West End Lane: at the junction with Mill Lane, junction with Dennington Park Road outside the Library, two outside the Thameslink station on Iverson Road and at the junction with Hemstal Road.  Two more panels are due to be installed shortly, one near the entrance to the Thameslink station on West End Lane and one on the corner of Blackburn Road.

Earlier this year, your Ward Councillors highlighted the need for improved signage around the Interchange for visitors to the area, especially with the new entrance to the Thameslink station in Iverson Road and the anticipated extra traffic during the Olympics.

We hope the boards will prove a useful facility in the area but would welcome feedback from residents.

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