Monday 25 June 2012

West Hampstead's heritage

Camden has lots of interesting buildings, some important like the British Museum, and some quite small. Many of these are “listed”, which means taking special care over changes to them. Here in West Hampstead we have a Conservation Area around West End Green but we have traditionally only had two “listed buildings” – the Fire Station and the Synagogue in Dennington Park Road. More recently, Emmanuel Church and the Victorian public conveniences by West End Green have also been listed. Also, Hampstead Cemetery has specially designated status. But we do have lots of buildings and features which give our area its special character. So it’s good that there is new legislation which lets Councils produce a “local list” of buildings which have a value to local residents.

To be included in the local list the building should be a good example of a style particular to a local area/ designed or built by some notable local or national builder or architect, and or be an especially good example of some particular craft or technique. Alternatively, or it should be of local or national historical significance in the area’s history, or associated with an important local or national person or event. Or it could have have “social value” which means having local community, cultural, religious, political, educational or economic significance.

Camden will soon be asking for suggestions for buildings to go on the list – watch this space!

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