Welcome to the West Hampstead Spotlight blog

Welcome to West Hampstead Spotlight blog

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Monday, 4 October 2010

New student accommodation and workspace in Blackburn Road approved on appeal

I see that the proposal to build a new development combining workspace with accommodation for 350 students on the site of the old Mercedes garage on Blackburn Road has been allowed by the national planning inspector – Camden’s planning committee turned it down a few months ago.

The main concern of some local residents at the time was the fact that the building goes up to nine storeys in parts which is pretty high for that part of West Hampstead, although as it’s set back from West End Lane and next to the railway line the visual impact won’t be as great as it might be otherwise.

Those of you who regularly walk down Blackburn Road on your way to the O2 centre may well think that anything that bring this rather barren area alive and makes it feel safer will be welcome. The arrival of nearly 350 students in West Hampstead will certainly have an impact - including extra trade for the area's businesses.


  1. Will certainly increase business for some local shops/cafés/bars. Also I believe part of the plans involved improving the footpath linking the site to Finchley Road, with better lighting etc. Shame the plans didn't have to include improvements to the footbridge over the train tracks.

  2. it's great to see some movement on this front. 350 extra students should help business out and liven things up a bit!