Saturday 19 May 2012

News from the Safer Neighbourhood Team

Last Thursday the safer neighbourhood team met at the O2 centre and were pleased to hear that the police numbers locally will be up to full strength soon. One new PC and two new PCSOs have either started or are about to.

After I wrote to the Borough Commander about this, and then having raised the problem of our police numbers in the Council Chamber, the message finally got through and Sgt Dave Timms is particularly pleased he has a full strength team to lead now as we approach a busy summer.

More good news was that Jason King, who works for the O2 centre, had finally discovered who is responsible for the street lights on Blackburn Road, which is a private thoroughfare not maintained by Camden, although a public right of way.

Having established the owner is Alan Day, of car dealership fame, we now have a contact to approach if the lights go out again.

Finally, the local team was pleased to learn that the developers of the student accommodation in Blackburn Road were interested in improving Billy Fury Way. Environmental improvements, including a clean up of railway land, is being proposed. I am hopeful that the developers and the police can get together to exchange ideas so that any funding is usefully spent to improve security in this area. My colleague Gillian Risso-Gill will be pressing the developers to make contact with our local police.


  1. Does that mean Alan Day is also responsible for ensuring the drainage doesn't get blocked where the path meets the Sainsbury service road? It's got to the stage where you need waders to get across when we've had heavy rain.

  2. In a word yes. This is a private road and not "adopted highway", so Camden has no responsibility to maintain it. If there is a serious environmental health issue Camden would attempt to contact the owners to clear it.