Monday, 15 October 2012

Farmers Market hailed a great success

After four sunny Saturday's, the West Hampstead Farmers' Market has proved a great addition to the area.  Launched on 22nd September 2012 and open every Saturday from 10am to 2pm, the market offers a wide range of produce that is not normally available in a city.  Meat, fish, pies, game, eggs, vegetables, fruit, cheese, bread and cakes, pasta and flowers all tempt shoppers.  London Farmers' Markets say it was their most successful launch to date and well worth the three year wait to fnally come to West Hampstead.  Their survey of shows that most of the shoppers are local residents.  But it is wise to shop early, as many stalls sell out well before closing time.

Shops and cafes in West End Lane and in the local streets have said that the market has boosted their trade and some are planning their own promotions linked into the market.  Good to have a positive business story in these harsh economic times.

Photo taken 13th October, 2012

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