Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Proposed Sale of Land - behind Dennington House

Camden Council has started a consultation process with local residents about the possible sale of the land behind Dennington House (between Inglewood and Dennington Park Roads)  as part of the Council’s Community Investment Programme. At present the land is used for garages and car parking spaces. Proceeds from the sale would be invested in new homes, existing council homes and community facilities. As yet, we have had no indication of what the land might be used for if sold, which would depend on the plans of the new owner and the granting of planning permission.

You may already have received a letter inviting your views about the consultation or you can find out more information from www.camden.gov.uk/smallsites.
As your local Councillors, we want to be sure that you are aware of this consultation process and to hear your views on the proposal. We will ensure the views of local residents are taken into account by the Council or you may choose to respond to the consultation yourself through post or email.

The closing date for response is midnight on Sunday 2nd December.

Please let us hear your views about this proposal by contacting us on this blog or by email.

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