Thursday 23 May 2013

Repairs in West End Lane – good news?

Pedestrians on West End Lane risking a drenching
The good news with a question mark is because it’s good news when problems in West End Lane are being sorted out, but of course a certain amount of disruption nearly always comes with it.

In all the recent rainy weather it became apparent that the resurfacing of West End Lane on the Thameslink bridge wasn’t all it might be, with some “ponding” that could mean pedestrians getting soaked by passing traffic. I reported this to Camden and they’ve told me that works to put this right should be taking place on Sunday 9 June.

Meanwhile, I wrote here a couple of months ago about the new super-high kerbs on West End Lane on the stretch opposite the Alice House, reporting that when the road surface was relaid there it would be raised, so that the kerbs would be back to the normal height again.

This work has been held up by the scaffolding outside Barclays Bank at the junction with Fawley Road. I’ve been told that the scaffolding will be coming down any time now, and Camden are arranging for their contractor to start on the remaining footway work on 26 June, with completion scheduled for 5 July.

Once these footway works have been completed Camden will be arranging for the road surface to be relaid on the southbound lane from 246 West End Lane (Oxfam) to Barclays, when we should be saying goodbye to those high kerbs.  Camden expect the work to be finished by 12 July 2013. It should take a couple of days, depending on the weather of course.

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