Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Review of Camden's key planning policy documents

What is being reviewed and why?Camden  Council is starting to review two of the key planning documents that the Council uses when it makes planning decisions - the Camden Core Strategy and Development Policies.  As a first step we are carrying out initial engagement to gather views from Camden residents and other interested parties.

Much has changed since the Core Strategy and Development Policies were adopted by the Council at the end of 2010, including:
the publication of the Camden Plan;
the introduction of the Council's Community Investment Programme;
the National Planning Policy Framework and revised London Plan (our plans need to be consistent with these);
changes to government policy and funding arrangements for affordable housing;
new planning rules that mean some changes in the use of buildings no longer need planning permission;
the introduction of neighbourhood planning;
an extended period of economic uncertainty and accelerated population growth.

Therefore we now need to review these key planning documents to make sure that Camden continues to have robust and up-to-date planning policies that reflect current circumstances and help to deliver our local priorities.

The review will assess how existing policies are operating and how they can be made more effective.  We believe that the Core Strategy and Development Policies are generally working well and therefore envisage that many current policy approaches will not require significant change (for example, design and heritage).

Initial public engagement
At this stage we are inviting comments on any matter that interested people and organisations think it is important for us to consider when reviewing our key planning policies.   We would particularly like to hear views on the following:

which of our planning policies could be improved and how?
which policies are working well and should be retained?
whether any new polices are needed?
whether any policies or parts of the plan are no longer needed?
what more can our plan do to create the conditions for economic growth and harness the benefits of              that growth for the borough and its residents?
how can our planning policies do more to contribute to reducing inequalities in the borough?
how can our plan contribute further to creating sustainable communities?
how can our policies maximise the delivery of genuinely affordable housing and housing in general?
should we continue our current approach to protecting employment land or should this be amended (and if so how)?
do you think it would be helpful to combine the Core Strategy and Development Policies into a single 'local plan'?

Comments, to be sent to, are due by 20 December 2013.

What happens next?                                
The review of our planning policy documents has to follow a statutory procedure.  Once we have gathered initial views and updated our supporting evidence we will produce a draft 'Local Plan' for consultation and engagement (this is likely to be in summer / autumn 2014).  We will then consult on a further draft of the plan before we submit it for a public examination held by a Planning Inspector.

We will keep interested parties updated on progress with the review through our quarterly planning policy newsletters and web pages.

 If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact the Strategic Planning team ( or 020 7974 2519).

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