Saturday 12 October 2013

No to shelter at northbound bus stop by Thameslink Station on West End Lane

Various residents have asked me why there isn't a shelter at the very heavily used bus stop next to the West Hampstead Thameslink station on West End Lane, next to the Black Path entrance. I've been caught there in the pouring rain myself a few times, and even the old phone box that provided refuge in a storm disappeared some time ago.

So I asked Camden if a shelter could be installed there. Sadly, it turns out there is a very good reason why the answer is "no". The stop is on a bridge, which means there is insufficient depth to accommodate the electrics and so on for a shelter. In fact, it's the same reason this stretch doesn't have proper paving, but instead an "imprint" surface which mimics the look of paving slabs.

A disappointing response but at least the reason for it is clear.


  1. Move the stop so that it is not on the bridge?

  2. Oh, but then some people will have to walk (to the shelter that is ALREADY THERE about 50m up the road!!!