Monday, 18 February 2013

Further update on West End Lane roadworks

I've just had this update from Camden - sounds like good news on the works by the tube station, but less so at the Cleve Road junction:

"My colleague has met with the Thames Water representative and their contractors on site this morning.

The contractors are currently undertaking the reinstatement of the carriageway between Blackburn Road and Iverson Road and it is anticipated that this will be completed later today. They will have a vehicle and driver on site at 5pm and the traffic management will be removed around 6pm. To ensure the integrity of Camden's highways was retained, my colleague insisted on the reinstating of around 300 square metres of additional carriageway to be done by Thames Water's contractors (at their expense) as a result of the burst water main.
 In addition he has checked the traffic management set up and the barriers extend from kerb to kerb and do include some of the footways on both sides, thus prohibiting vehicles from accessing these footways, thereby avoiding overrunning by drivers.

The works at the junction with Cleve Road are currently subjected to 3-way temporary signals and have proven more problematic than first thought. There is a significant void under the carriageway which will need to be addressed prior to any reinstatement and William is meeting Thames again tomorrow morning to discuss the way forward with this. It is likely however that there may be the need to close West End Lane at this point to undertake the necessary works, I will of course update you as to the need for this once the meeting has taken place. Unfortunately the disruption will continue for a further few days, this will be more clearly determined at tomorrow's meeting. Please be assured that we are endeavouring to get Thames to complete the works as soon as possible.

It is clear that there is an underlying problem with the water mains in West End Lane so I will be having further discussions with the senior officers within Thames water to discuss how the current situation can be ameliorated. We cannot tolerate further burst mains on this street as the impact is significant on our highway network. I will advise you of the outcome of these discussions once known.

I will update further as more information becomes clear, however if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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